by Gateway Church

In one of your Be the Body readings, you read…"The door is shut, the players are dressed, and the coach stands in the middle of the circled team. They know the game plan; they’ve studied it all week. With a bit more passion and focus, though, the coach restates their plan…" What’s your plan? How will you take the insights gained and fully engage the body of Christ? How will you use your gifts, talents, and resources? What do you hear God calling you to do? The exercise that follows is not a time to think in generalities. It’s a time to get specific and dive into the details. It’s not a time to dream. It’s a time to commit. Which people does God want you to serve? When and how will you serve them? Which cause does God want you to engage? When and how will you engage it? What specific lifestyle changes do you need to make? When and how will you make them? The pages that follow will guide you through a process of pulling together previous insights from the Be the Body outcome and turn these insights into the next steps you will pursue.