by Gateway Church

There’s a battle going on. A battle? Yes, a battle. Consider two scenes: Scene #1: The sky is blue. The sun is shining. A child is heard laughing in the park. A dog barks. A couple strolls hand in hand down the street. An older man leafs through the newspaper. A young girl rides her bike. The little league team takes the field. Scene #2: The sky is dark. The sun is hidden. A child is heard crying in the park. A dog snarls. A couple walks coldly and silently side by side. An older man reads of tragedies in the newspaper. A young girl rides her bike dangerously close to a busy street. The little league team is filled with jealously and selfish pride. No doubt we recognize the battles of the second scene. We know dark days. We know struggle. We know of snarling dogs and relationships on ice. We’ve flipped through newspapers and have been appalled by the tragedies. We know of hardship for both young and old. We know this. We live this. But there’s more to it than that.