Identify Your Tribe
by Gateway Church

IDENTIFY YOUR TRIBE: “The next best thing to being wise oneself is to live in a circle of those who are” -C.S. Lewis (from Selected Literary Essays, 1942). You might think of your Tribe as a group of approximately 5 wise people (who may not even know each other) who you turn to for wisdom, encouragement, or advice. Each person in your Tribe serves a different purpose, such as: a mom with fairly well-adjusted older children who you turn to when your toddler is driving you crazy, a trusted former colleague who knows your strengths in business, or a man who inspires you to love your wife in bigger ways. Identify who these people are and in what areas they offer wisdom (and which they don’t... such as you might not ask that other mom for business advice). How have these people shown that they are reliable & discerning? Make an appointment to talk to each of these people (in person or on the phone) once in the next eight weeks. Offer encouragement to these people as well as seeking their wisdom for what’s going on in your life.